Okay God, I hear You

I can be an utterly ridiculous person. Before you jump to my defense, let me explain why I would make such a statement. In the Bible there is a story of a man  named Jonah. God gives him a directive to follow and Jonah doesn’t like it. He doesn’t just refuse to do it; rather, he goes so far as to buy a ticket for a boat going in the exact opposite direction of where God was trying to send … Read More

Struck Down but Not Destroyed

2017 tried to take me out. I’m not talking about a few hard things happening and me being distracted or upset. I’m talking about punches landing right and left, each one with the potential blow to knock me completely out. There came a time that I just gave up. I was so weary from fighting the thoughts in my own head, the circumstances that seemed so difficult, and the constant barrage of punches that I turned my back on God … Read More

Joy Filled New Year

2017 was not a happy year. There were moments of happiness but also moments of great sorrow. People I love suffered greatly in 2017 with loss, fear, depression, anxiety, and immense stress. My brother spent far more of the year in the hospital, with dire medical issues, than out. After experiencing some of my most intense and powerful moments with God, I slipped into the deepest depression I have ever been through. No, it was not a happy year. However, … Read More

Circumstantial Hope

Walking down the path to my next dreaded assignment, I was angry. I was angry that I had to go and do something that I not only don’t enjoy, but that causes me immense stress, angry that the people who could have changed the situation had chosen not to do so, and angry that I will have to do it over and over again before I can cross it off my to do list. I was just really, really angry. … Read More

Hopes, Expectations and Identity

I had a revelation in November of last year about the expectations that I had for my children. I had been chatting with a friend about my struggles that day. I was having a really rough day. The kids were fighting non-stop and it sent me over the edge. When the kids fought it was more than just an annoyance. It seriously triggered something in me, something that caused me to rage. There was a lot of fighting in my … Read More


Today I have been feeling very disconnected. I am not entirely sure why and I have no idea what to do about it. I have prayed and asked Him to guide me. I feel lost and without a home or a place, not in the literal sense but in regards to people. I feel like I need a place to land, to be heard, to be understood, to be encouraged, to be ministered to and to minister to others. As … Read More

Choices for the Broken

Broken seeks out broken for at its core it longs to be understood, to be seen by those who can see past the scars and the wounds and know the pain it feels. Only those who are broken can see and understand. Broken seeks out healed for it longs to find wholeness, to be knit back together in a way that fills the gaping holes with balm. Broken is constantly seeking to find hope and joy and strength. Never does … Read More

Five Minute Friday-Collect

My sweet partner Kelli convinced me to participate in the Five Minute Friday challenge along with her. Each Friday we receive a prompt. We use that prompt to write for 5 minutes. No editing. Just set a timer for 5 minutes and… GO! When I think about the word collect I don’t think of things. I actually think of people. Weird, right? It all started back in my Mary Kay days. I was a consultant with Mary Kay for 16 … Read More

Reflections on Beauty

Makeup. Somedays I want to wear all the things and somedays I don’t want to wear any of the things. This morning as I was getting ready to go into town, I was bemoaning the thought that I did not have time to put my makeup on. And that, in my opinion, I would not be worthy of going into town without first, “putting my face on.” In that moment, God brought to mind pictures of some of the most … Read More

Jonah and the Storm

Rarely am I able to process the whole of a thought or an idea at the exact moment it is spoken or read. Almost always, I must spend some time tossing it about in my head to fully capture the meaning. Such is the case with a thought, or really a directive, given to me my friend and ministry partner, Tracy. “He wants you to be able to see above the storm. Instead of looking at the storm He wants … Read More

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