Five Minute Friday-Collect

My sweet partner Kelli convinced me to participate in the Five Minute Friday challenge along with her.

Each Friday we receive a prompt.

We use that prompt to write for 5 minutes.

No editing.

Just set a timer for 5 minutes and…


When I think about the word collect I don’t think of things. I actually think of people.

Weird, right?

It all started back in my Mary Kay days. I was a consultant with Mary Kay for 16 years before God directed me to women’s ministry.

There was a National Sales Director that would always talk about her career with Mary Kay and refer to it as “collecting people.” She genuinely loved people and she wanted to collect as many people or friends as she possibly could.

I always related to this idea.

The other thing that I think of is the song about Faces. It talks about how when we get to Heaven one day that we will see a view of all of the faves that we impacted while here on earth.

All of the faces of those that made it there because of us.

I want to collect faces, people, friends, hearts and souls. When I get to Heaven I want to see an endless roll of people that God put in my life to love while I was here and I want to know that I loved them all well enough to make a difference.

How about you? Have you ever thought about collecting people?


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