All Your Heart Ministries is excited to partner with The Loved Bible Project, and its founder, Anne Marie. We love everything about The Loved Bible Project and believe that it accomplishes its goal – to transform both the giver and the receiver. The person who works on, prays over, and spends time in God’s Word in order to make it understandable to another is transformed by the living and active words of the Bible. The person who receives the Bible is transformed by the amount of love, time, and prayer put into their gift and is also changed by God’s Word.

As The Loved Bible Project started to grow, Anne Marie prayed for help to implement many ways to involve women in the project.  At the same time, Tracy and I were praying for ways to invest others in reading their Bible and engage in continual Bible Study. God answered all the prayers in a way that only He could. One night, Tracy and I happened upon a thread about Anne Marie’s project. The thread hadn’t started out that way, but quickly turned that way. Instantly, we were both intrigued. We began asking Anne Marie a dozen questions about how we could participate in this project. Thankfully, Anne Marie not only answered our questions, but asked us to become a part of what God was doing through her.

Anne Marie needed women to help her spread and complete the mission God had given her, and All Your Heart needed an avenue to spread our passion for women engaging with their God through His Word. For the last two months, we have worked closely together to create devotionals, send Bibles out, and reach as many women as possible. We are thrilled to officially be connecting with Anne Marie and The Loved Bible Project. We are excited about what God is doing and what He will do through the women who are loving on Bibles, praying to Him, and getting to know Him better. We pray continually for the men and women who will receive Bibles and pray that they see His love, power, and hope.

We are so grateful that God brought us together on a late night Facebook thread and is now continuing to bless our partnership. Only God could put something this powerful together, and over the internet at that!

Please visit the Loved Bible Facebook page and the Loved Bible Project website.