I am so excited and blessed by your faithfulness during this challenge! Love it!!

The All Your Heart Daily Scripture Challenge is your opportunity to develop a habit of spending consistent daily time in the Word. This simple 2-week challenge is the perfect way to start the new year. Each day you will partner with us as we read a portion of the New Testament. Join with women everywhere who desire to have a deeper relationship with God.

Sign up below to enter the challenge. We will e-mail you the details of the daily challenge, along with daily support and encouragement. We also welcome you to join our Facebook community. All Your Heart’s group provides a place for you to gather together with other women, ask for and receive prayer, and receive additional motivation and inspiration.

Why take the challenge? Daily, consistent time in the Word is life-changing. You will experience a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God, which translates into deeper and more meaningful relationships with those around you. You will find more peace, hope, and joy than you have ever felt, because He promises them to those who love Him and love His Word. Developing and practicing this discipline will forever alter your heart, your mind, and your faith.

We are looking forward to walking this journey with you!