Kelli Moore, cofounder of All Your Heart Ministries, enjoys sharing her love of Jesus, and the hope found in Him, with women through Bible Studies, conferences, and workshops.


How to Love a Bible

Kelli leads and facilitates workshops that get women started on The Loved Bible Project. Founded by Anne Marie Emswiler, The Loved Bible Project is an incredible Bible study tool that encourages the people to “love” on a Bible by marking and highlighting Scripture, leaving notes in a Bible, and praying for the person to whom they will give the Bible when complete. Anne Marie started this as a mission field to homeless people and it has spread into many other forms. People will now love a Bible to give as gifts, to encourage new believers, and to pass on to their children. Kelli can guide women in getting started as well as provide ideas and examples of this powerful project. Click here to learn more about The Loved Bible Project.

Bible Study Basics

In this workshop, Kelli gives an overview of why reading the Bible makes such a difference in the life of a believer as well as tools and strategies to get started studying your Bible.

Digging Deeper in the Bible

Kelli presents tools, strategies, and personal examples of how to read the Bible without the aid of a Bible study and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart. She discusses who the Holy Spirit is to a believer and how He helps each person to dig deep into the Word and strengthen their relationship with God.


Hope in the Hard: Finding Hope and Healing in Christ

Kelli shares her personal testimony of healing after childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault. While the story is personal and hard, the focus is on hope and healing. Kelli shares the verses, people, and factors that have allowed her to forgive, heal, and lead an abundant life through Jesus.

Hold On To Hope

Kelli speaks honestly about how to keep hoping while suffering through anxiety and depression. She shares how Scripture how encouraged and strengthened her and offers genuine, attainable strategies to healing and living abundantly.


“Kelli’s talk at the Hope Restored Women’s Retreat for Survivors of Sexual Abuse was a heartfelt, authentic, and biblically sound presentation of her personal testimony. While she spoke on a very difficult topic from a very personal place, she articulated it all with such grace and beauty. Her talk inspired women to the hope and healing found in Jesus Christ, and I am so thankful to her for that!”

Crystal Sutherland
Author and Speaker

”Kelli spoke at a recent seminar for hurting women that I was privileged to attend.  She spoke in such a powerful, yet tender way of God’s presence in her suffering. Her faith in God is so profound after all that she has endured. The way in which she articulated her story was so eloquent, authentic, hopeful and life-giving.”

Marla Williams Decabellis
Biblical Counselor at Port City Community Church